Professional Window Cleaner in Bangor

Professional Window Cleaner

in Bangor

Professional Window Cleaning in Bangor

Do your windows require cleaning? At Abbey Window Cleaners in Bangor, we use the latest reach and wash systems combined with pure filtered water. This process makes sure that your windows end up sparkling clean and free of spots or streaks.

Modern Window Cleaning
Water Fed Pole System

At Abbeyclean we always use the most modern equipment and currently use the reach and wash water fed pole system. Our state of the art water fed pole system allows us to safely clean windows, soffits, fascias and signs up to 65ft from ground level, leaving them clean and streak-free.

Water fed poles are 100% pure laboratory graded-water which is purified and pumped through the water fed pole meaning all cleaning is carried out safely from ground level.
Your windows will stay cleaner for longer as there is no soap or chemical residue for rain to mix with.

The health and safety risks associated with cleaning windows are removed along with any potential damage to your property with heavy-duty ladders.

It is now the safest, most effective and environmentally friendly way to leave your windows perfectly clean!

Traditional Window Cleaning

Of course we still use the traditional method of cleaning windows with our staff applying a cleaning solution to the window with an applicator and cleaning it off manually with a squeegee.

We use this method for many of our ground floor shop fronts and all our internal window cleaning.

Domestic Window Cleaning

Here at Abbeyclean we believe that a clean home is a happy home!
We thoroughly clean glass, window sills and frames all as part of our first class service.

We provide domestic window cleaning on a regular basis for all types of properties, from small flats and bungalows to larger private residences.
Call us for a free quotation today!

Commercial Window Cleaning

The appearance and cleanliness of your premises are critically important to you, your staff and your clients alike!

Dirty windows can be detrimental to your companies image.
Let Abbeyclean take care of this problem for you!

We cater from schools to office blocks, shop fronts and restaurants to car dealerships and care Holmes, hotels and apartments to government premises.
You will be pleased to know that we are also very flexible on payment options and times, we are keen to work in with your budget!

You also won't be embarrassed to have our staff on your property.
Our employees are always dressed in clean, company issued uniforms, their equipment is well maintained and every staff member is thoroughly trained in how to deal with clients and their guests in a safe and courteous manner.